Fall 1999

Volume 1, Issue 2

Miller Institute News

The Miller Institute: How It All Began

In 1943, Adolph C. and Mary Sprague Miller entered into a trust with the Board of Regents of the University of California to establish an institute "dedicated to the encouragement of creative thought and conduct of research and investigation in the field of pure science." On February 11, 1955, upon the death of Dr. Miller, a fund in the amount of $2,856,566 became available to the University. With the Regents' approval, the organization of  the Institute began. An additional $2,159,945 became available when Mrs. Miller died on January 14, 1955.  The names of the donors then became public and the Institute was designated: "The Adolph C. and Mary Sprague Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science. To date over 800 scientists have  conducted research under the auspices of the Miller endowment. This includes seven

Nobel Prize winners and six Fields Medallists.
The Miller Institute is guided by the "Statement Establishing the Institute for Basic Research in Science"  and the "Deed of Trust." A seven member  Advisory Board is charged with overseeing the Institute. Three of the Advisory Board members are faculty members of Berkeley science departments. They constitute the Executive Committee charged with executing policies determined by the Advisory Board.
Currently the Institute administers three programs: Miller Research Fellowships, Miller Research Professorships, and Visiting Miller Research Professorships.

Miller Fellow Focus: Christopher Lowe

     Miller Fellow Chris Lowe describes the motivation for his research as a fascination with weird animals. This interest in strange groups of animals led him to Professor Mike Levine's laboratory in the Genetics division of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and a new molecular approach to address the controversial issue of chordate origins. He explained that "the invertebrate groups most closely related to our own phylum, the  chordates
have few morphological clues, or 

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